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Artificial Intelligence (not so much)

The Cognitive Model

While the generalized ChatBots will be persistently unstable, other designs will be an asset so long as they comport with the model above (Cognitive Model). Summarizing the image, AI success requires:

  • Individual “self”-control of the AI system –
    • The AI responses will be tolerable if individuals have veto power over any AI “thinking.” However, the AI system will still require access to objective truth through the entire user community or some other similar means (see also the next bullet);
  • Access to objective truth;
  • AI is not permitted to take a leadership role to intellectually immature humans. This is where AI is very bad.

In essence, AI can be a tool to extend human thinking. That’s good. Perfect maybe. As presently envisioned, however, generalized Chatbots will not be a competitive or intellectual “lifeform.” We must stop thinking of it that way.

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