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  • America First and the GOAT
    Prologue The MacGuffin is a literary device that moves the plot and characters forward until the story’s culmination. The ring in Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings is an obvious example. Alfred Hitchcock originally coined the term, which appears essential for great storytelling. Yet, the MacGuffin…
  • Are religions divisive?
    That is a qualified no. Emotionally immature people, unable to reason, are tribal. This is the source of the divisiveness humanity sometimes encounters within civilization. Religion does not make emotionally immature people. Instead, they are born that way. Religion, in fact, exists to move people…
  • Different Destructive Movements Emerge From The Same Cognitive Disability
    Dysrational Movements Are The Adult Face Of Emotional Immaturity The anti-rational (i.e., dysrational) movements Marxism, Nazism, and “wokeism” are dysrational movements. Each shares a common and fundamental…
  • Contemporary capitalism: survival-focused or spoils-focused–DEI is evidence of the latter
    There are two kinds of capitalism. One sharpens the mind; the other dulls it (in truth, just keeps it dull). We are immersed in the latter one now: Evidence for the latter capitalistic approach is DEI. I have learned through “” (my avocation) that FREE…
  • How do I find the truth?
    On QUORA: How do I know the truth? Truth is established when a hypothesis meets both the necessary and sufficient conditions. Note especially that the proposed hypotheses must be disprovable. In other words, one and only one hypothesis is permitted as an explanation for the observed. This requirement is essential…
  • The Dysrational/Irrational Hate “Disinformation,” While The Rational Hate Censorship
    It’s a tell. Here’s a corollary to the above statement: The dysrational/irrational love democracy (mob/majority rule), while the rational love individualism (i.e., liberalism). The Constitutional Republic protects individualism. This is what Abraham Lincoln meant by the following: “[…] that these dead shall not have died…
  • What is the World Economic Forum?
    What is the World Economic Forum? A very dangerous (global) clown car. However, it is NOT FUNNY. I’ll let a couple of the WEF luminaries should speak for themselves: Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never….
  • What lies beyond postmodernism?
    What lies beyond postmodernism? Reason, and only that. Welcome it. Our current civilization depends upon it. A concise history of human thinking: Click here to see a bigger image. The premise of an objective natural reality, a reality whose existence and properties are logically independent…
  • If a future AI is able to detect misinformation and fake news with great accuracy, should it be in hands of well-trained professionals and open source organizations instead of the government and large-scale corporations?
    No. FIRST (crucially): AI is a decision-making solution. Humans must make societal decisions themselves, as individuals, respecting their personal wants and experiences, and accepting completely the negative or positive consequences of their decision. Otherwise, in time, and now unable to make their own decisions, they…
  • Is Western democracy a failure because it is just a façade to a corrupt oligarchy that primarily serves the interests of the very wealthy?
    See the full-size image here. The Rise and Decline of Western Civilization Is Western democracy a failure because it is just a façade to a corrupt oligarchy that primarily serves the interests of the very wealthy? No. Western civilization is struggling. This happened because of a collapse…
  • Freedom = Capitalism. PERIOD.
    What institutional pre-conditions are necessary for the dynamic process of capitalism? Key/central/integral to capitalism is freedom. This is why the American Constitution is sublime. So long as the people are able, the American constitutional republic makes possible and protects their freedom. Capitalists/Americans do not have leaders. They lead…
  • What do the majority of y’all think of 2A rights?
    What do the majority of y’all think of 2A rights? The LEGAL protection [1] (as opposed to a human right) of a right to bear arms is key to human freedom. And, there is demonstrably no substitute for it. I wish there was. Weapons are…
  • Forms of truth
    Quora Question: If every claim in science is open for change, does that mean that none of them are true? Yes. Amazingly. Science is the search for absolute truth. No one can know it absolutely, though (i.e., proven). Even the faithful of religions do not…


A detailed and complete explanation for reason; how it is achieved and how it is undone (the latter only in part).

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This site comprises a detailed and complete explanation for reason; how it is achieved, and how it is undone. It is arranged, principally in subject matter collections.

Collection: Societal Realization Of Reason

  1. Learn How Critical Reason Is For Civilization
  2. Learn Tools For Reason When Individual Citizens Lack Reason
  3. Understand Social Media And Its Ideal Structure
  4. Why Do The Dysrational/Irrational Hate “Disinformation” While The Rational Hate Censorship
  5. Key Requirements To Produce Reason In Education


Collection: Political Essentials for Reason

  1. Why freedom requires Self-reliance and Self-governance
  2. The Perfection of A Constitutional Republic
  3. The Threat of Atheism/Marxism/Socialism


Collection: The Shadows of Reason

The Vanishing Point.
  1. Understand How Three Centuries Of Philosophers Percieved The Human Mind And Reason


Collection: Why Civilizations Fail

Why Do Civilizations Fail? – A Collapse of Reason, Of Course

  1. Homo Sapien History & Rationality
  2. What Prompts The Recurring Rationality Collapse
  3. Is This Always The Reason Civilization Fails/Falls – Hint (yes)
  4. What Can Be Done To Stop It?