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  • Different Destructive Movements Emerge From The Same Cognitive Disability
    Dysrational Movements Are The Adult Face Of Emotional Immaturity The anti-rational (i.e., dysrational) movements Marxism, Nazism, and “wokeism” are dysrational movements. Each shares a common and fundamental…
  • ChatGPT glitches out: Rogue AI responding in nonsensical Spanglish, gibberish — In other words, “hoarder” thinkers can lose control of what they think they know. Mental illness surely follows.
    Individuals who do not practice free will (SELF-control) may become thought hoarders. If these thoughts/ideas are not reconciled with one another, mental illness likely results. This concept may be difficult to understand, yet it happens. AI can offer a real-world demonstration of the problem. The…
  • Or … cogito, ergo sum, (Latin: “I think, therefore I am) dictum coined by the French mathematician and philosopher René Descartes in his Discourse on Method (1637)
    If you hear a voice in your head while not speaking, is it YOU, God, the devil, or something else? From what place do you think it originates? What neurological purpose can you imagine it serves? Do you perceive it to be rational or emotional?…
  • The antichrist is all too real. It is Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” — War is peace.  Freedom is slavery.  Ignorance is strength. — The rejection of objective truth.
    Twenty-first-century individuals wonder, is the antichrist religious superstition or reality? It is an important question. I declare now, regrettably, that the antichrist is all too real. However, I also state that the antichrist is deeply misunderstood. It is, foundationally, not a person. It is a…
  • Are we living in a simulation?
    RE: Is reality a simulation? The answer can be one of three possibilities. As an initial step, for us to be able to consider the above question together, we must have an objectively true (SHARED) process to discover truth. That is, we must agree to…
  • Intelligence Spectrum
    This post is an image only. It sums up my understanding of human thinking.
  • The Only Two Ways To Save Civilization
    The Solutions Why is civilization failing? Short answer: DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) over merit. The relevant question is instead: What is happening to Western Civilization’s capitalistic commitment to merit? Individuals are increasingly trapped in a prison of their minds, chained immutably to what they…
  • Why God at all?
    On Twitter, the debate about the existence of God, at least amongst those atheists and theists that I regularly interact with, has achieved detente. Now, most individuals comfortably accept that the existence of God cannot be proven or disproven. The question now often is: Why…
  • Self-control is the doorway to discovery.
    The key skill parents and education must accomplish is the development of self-control (free will). AND … Develop SELF-Control! Do this, and the individual becomes a lifelong learner. Do it not, and the individual becomes a lifelong victim.
  • Atheism, The “Father” Of Human Dysrationality
    For a person to maintain their capacity to reason, it is not possible to claim to know, absolutely, the truth about any question. I can make this above claim, absolutely, because it arises in this (my) definition for reason. See: Key to the above definition…
  • The Source Of Societal Disharmony.
    People … A short list: Visit Site
  • The Atheist View/Objections, Application Of Reason
    I evangelize reason. My second company, LearningFramework, was formed many years ago with that objective. At that time, we didn’t know enough about the process of reason. Maybe we still don’t. Yet, civilization depends upon human-facilitated growth in reason for its longevity. Until now, reason…
  • A Thoughtful Dialogue With An Atheist RE Absolute Truth, The Creator, AND Reason
    FIRST, I embrace monotheism for my capacity to reason (God bless Abraham). I also selectively accept religion. All of them. The post’s picture is that of St. Thomas Aquinas. He’s a smart one. From Twitter (The TOC Is A List Of Questions) What do you…
  • SELF-control is Free Will
    Free will is, in truth, FREE WON’T (See post on Benjamin Libet). FREE WON’T is also known as SELF-control. Critically, SELF-control is key to emotional maturity and good mental health. Without FREE WON’T (otherwise known as SELF-control), humans cannot be “smart.” These individuals will not…
  • Interesting Questions Do Not Usually Present A Convincingly Verifiable Solitary Answer
    A Contemplative Cognitive Posture Is Practically A Must For example, the “woke” are principally postmodernist thinkers. The woke, generally, also include the political left, Marxists, progressives, and neo-liberals. These particular groups comprise people that believe they KNOW the truth. In addition, when the Christian right…
  • How do I find the truth?
    On QUORA: How do I know the truth? Truth is established when a hypothesis meets both the necessary and sufficient conditions. Note especially that the proposed hypotheses must be disprovable. In other words, one and only one hypothesis is permitted as an explanation for the observed. This requirement is essential…
  • What are the pros and cons of public shaming?
    What are the pros and cons of public shaming? Shame and praise are the tools a parent uses to steer a child. Adults, however, accept that other adults have freedom of thought and are therefore entitled to maintain their own beliefs without this controlling emotional…


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This site comprises a detailed and complete explanation for reason; how it is achieved, and how it is undone. It is arranged, principally in subject matter collections.

Collection: Societal Realization Of Reason

  1. Learn How Critical Reason Is For Civilization
  2. Learn Tools For Reason When Individual Citizens Lack Reason
  3. Understand Social Media And Its Ideal Structure
  4. Why Do The Dysrational/Irrational Hate “Disinformation” While The Rational Hate Censorship
  5. Key Requirements To Produce Reason In Education


Collection: Political Essentials for Reason

  1. Why freedom requires Self-reliance and Self-governance
  2. The Perfection of A Constitutional Republic
  3. The Threat of Atheism/Marxism/Socialism


Collection: The Shadows of Reason

The Vanishing Point.
  1. Understand How Three Centuries Of Philosophers Percieved The Human Mind And Reason


Collection: Why Civilizations Fail

Why Do Civilizations Fail? – A Collapse of Reason, Of Course

  1. Homo Sapien History & Rationality
  2. What Prompts The Recurring Rationality Collapse
  3. Is This Always The Reason Civilization Fails/Falls – Hint (yes)
  4. What Can Be Done To Stop It?